"It was an exciting and thought provoking day!"

—Barbara Klatt, The Culver Academies, IN

"Dr. Wiggins' message was overwhelmingly well received..."

—Dr. Annette Bohling, Wyoming Department of Education

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Advanced Concepts in Creating & Reviewing Units


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Join Grant Wiggins and his team for an engaging and thought-provoking workshop in Understanding by Design®. This hands-on workshop will enable all participants to leave with both understanding and skill in the design of learning. Save your seat right now! Credit card, purchase order, and check accepted.

Summer Institute July 2015

2-Day Understanding by Design®
July 7 and 8, 2015  
Hartford, Connecticut
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Understanding by Design® Conference
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Self-paced, professional development courses designed by Grant Wiggins, co-creator of Understanding by Design®

Each course contains video case studies, presentations narrated by Grant Wiggins, exercises, and detailed text on design issues and concepts.

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We pride ourselves on honoring each client's individuality and design interactive, engaging, and powerful workshops that build upon your team's strengths and limit areas of need.

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Understanding by Design® Conference
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Design, Align, and Find UbD™ Units.

· Use point and click interfaces to add and align standards, overarching questions, and rubrics.

· Browse our extensive library of contributed units, then copy and edit them for your own classroom.

· Schedule units, graph your curriculum on a timeline, and report on goal coverage.

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