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Talent is Overrated
Feb 26, 2009
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Talent is Overrated is the title of a fascinating book by Geoff Colvin. Like Malcolm Gladwell's The Outliers, it makes you completely rethink what you thought you knew about learning and achievement. As the title suggests, the book details how intense, sustained practice - not raw talent - is what makes performers in every field great. The book is not just anecdotal either: Colvin quotes from and cites all the research on achieving excellence and makes a compelling case that the 10-year rule is right: 10 years of sustained intense 'deliberate practice' can make anyone great.


The key phrase is 'deliberate' practice. A constant willingness to work on your areas of weakness and to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. Whether it is elite violinists, chess players, mathematicians, football players or businessmen the key is what we often say in workshops:clarity of performance goals, metacognitive reflection about what works and what doesn't, self-assessment and self-adjustment.


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Posted by: michael lovato
Nov 15, 2013
Interesting,,, i used to have a brother who was was an amazing musician... Talent? yes... natural?? perhaps... but, the thing that he did most was to play his instruments.... he never left home without them... use all of the academic jargon you like .. his comment? "Hard work and practice refines and sharpens the mind...the hands do what i tell them to" thanks M. Lovato
Posted by: Satwinder Bindra
Dec 06, 2013
Yes,I agree when we look at the area we need to improve, it makes us better. We celebrate our strenghts and work on our weaknesses to get better. So true. Keep doing it until you get it right. Do not worry about failures.
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