Grant Wiggins' Understanding by Design®: a 2-Day Conference

Paris Workshop

Join Colleagues from International Schools Worldwide in Paris:
October 20-21, 2012

What could be more logical than to plan a course of study backward from the desired results? Alas, it is rarely done. Far too often, rather, we design backward from content topics rather than from student use of content; too often we design for discrete knowledge and skill rather than effective understanding reflected in transfer of learning.

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$400 US (325 Euros, as of 8/1/12)

The American School of Paris
41 Rue Pasteur
92210 Saint-Cloud, France

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That is why Understanding by Design® was developed over 14 years ago. Now used around the world, UbD™ offers teachers a robust planning framework and a rich set of tools for ensuring that are most important learning goals are achieved 'by design'.


In this thought-provoking and practical workshop, Grant Wiggins and his AE colleagues will provide participants with a thorough grounding in UbD™, offer numerous practical resources and tips for improving student understanding, and show how UbD™ is designed to support the IB curricula and unit planners. Participants will experience a blend of large-group plenary sessions and smaller break-outs on more targeted topics of design and implementation. Separate break-outs will be provided for administrators, to address implementation and sustainability questions for local UbD™ initiatives, and to beginners, to introduce the big ideas of UbD™.


Questions addressed in plenary and break-out sessions include:

Paris Workshop
  • What is understanding? How is it best developed in learners and assessed?
  • What is 'best practice' in the development of student understanding?
  • What is 'backward' design and why is it central to effective planning?
  • How is transfer of learning best achieved and properly assessed?
  • What is an essential question? How are such questions best developed, refined, and addressed in instruction?
  • What are the implications of UbD™ for curriculum mapping?
  • How can self-assessment, peer review, and action research on unit designs be made more central to the work of the faculty?

Our project manager, Sam Bednarchik, is happy to help you plan for the conference. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.


We look forward to seeing you in Paris in October!

The AE Team

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