New Jersey High School Redesign Consortium (NJHSRC)


A project of Grant Wiggins and Authentic Education, the New Jersey HS Redesign Consortium is dedicated to exploring and implementing best practice in high schools, as part of the NJDOE initiative on high school redesign.

Our aim over the next 15 months is twofold: to develop and try out new ideas to improve the high school experience, and to provide colleagueship for those educators eager to move reform forward. Each school will conduct action research into one or more strands of the state vision of reform (Policy, Personalization, Learning & Teaching, and Leadership), and all of us will share promising examples of 'best practice'. We at Authentic Education will facilitate the work, network all members, and bring national research and information to you via our online course and newsletters.


Membership in the NJHSRC is limited to schools committed to serious and sustained reform, anchored in the vision put forward by NJDOE and the work of Grant Wiggins in Understanding by Design and Schooling by Design. Our members will work together to explore best practice, develop curriculum materials, and share experience and ideas to make high school maximally engaging and effective. In school workgroups, cross-school teams, and a leadership cadre, Consortium members will work intensively toward the shared goal of a state-of-the-art high school. We invite schools to consider our materials and share with us their interest and capacity for undertaking the work of the Consortium.

Districts currently involved include:

  • Camden County
  • Glassboro
  • Hackettstown
  • Madison
  • Metuchen
  • Monroe
  • Penns Grove - Carneys Point
  • Princeton
  • Ramapo Indian Hills
  • Ridgewood
  • The Create Charter School
  • Westfield


The Consortium will provide:

  • monthly workshops, regional conferences, online courses, and materials on HS redesign
  • on-site workshops for school and district faculties
  • membership in an online curriculum framing system
  • opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from across the state in the design of model units, courses, and practices
  • meetings and workshops for district and school leaders aimed at collaborative brainstorming and troubleshooting of reform work
  • professional development and consulting services provided by Grant Wiggins and his colleagues at Authentic Education


For more information or to join the Consortium, contact:
Denise Wilbur
(609) 466-8080

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