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On-Site Services

Keynote addresses
We have spoken at numerous national conferences and school-wide gatherings over the past two decades on the topics noted above (as well as other school-reform issues).

Strategic planning for curriculum-based school reform
Learn how to use Authentic Education's Action Research and Development approach to analyze current practices, set clear goals for targeted improvement, establish assessments for evaluating progress toward those goals, and design incremental steps toward success.

Meeting facilitation
As neutral, third-party participants, Authentic Education can lead difficult conversations around potentially contentious issues, helping you forge consensus. In addition, we can help draft committee reports, design evaluation strategies, and communicate results to interested parties.

Curriculum audit, mindful of state standards
State standards obligate us, but few school systems have figured out how to re-cast local curriculum, instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting to make it likely that standards are met. We can help local leaders unpack standards, design toward them, and improve test performance - without lowering the quality of teaching or resorting to only "test-prep" approaches.


Off-Site Services

Want a personal helper to find a unit, rubric, or topic-related site on the web? Need us to build you a unit, course framework, or assessment? Our on-staff teacher-researchers can be hired on an hourly, monthly, or yearly schedule to provide one or more teachers with ready-to-use classroom resources at reasonable rates.

Expert/Peer Review
Submit your designs of curricular units, program and course designs, rubrics, tasks, understandings, and essential questions. We will provide a detailed written review, noting strengths and weaknesses and making recommendations for improvement.

Review of Textbooks
Though teachers have always identified weaknesses in textbooks, these books remain the most common resource for instruction. We can help you analyze the strengths of the textbooks you use, uncovering big ideas and essential questions, exploring the interplay between your curriculum and the text, and adapting assessments presented.

Review/Edit of Curriculum Frameworks
We stand ready to provide a thorough and illuminating assessment of your curriculum, and to assist you in crafting a more results-focused design of curriculum maps, syllabi, and program guidelines, based on UbD™ principles.

We are able to play a pro-active role in helping you establish and facilitate a regional consortium on curriculum and assessment or connect more informally with other schools building a UbD™-based curriculum.

Review of and consultation on report cards
Apply the principles of our "Beyond ABC" workshop to evaluate your report cards. Explore teacher and parent perceptions about the meaning of grades, compare intentions against these perceptions, and use the lessons learned to craft a report card that more accurately reflects the commitments of your school or district.

Teacher supervision protocols
Reconsider the ways you evaluate teacher performance by emphasizing the teacher's role as designer and a focus on teaching for understanding. We can work cooperatively with teachers and administrators to design supervision and evaluation protocols that support UbD™ principles and encourage teachers to become effective classroom innovators.

Use our web-based surveys to develop a more robust feedback system involving any or all school constituencies, as part of continuous improvement of your school or organization. Use existing surveys or have us design one especially for you.

Research and writing of grant proposals
We can help you identify sources of funding for school improvement projects, draft proposals designed to catch the attention of funders, and establish plans for nurturing growing relationships with donors.

Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing
Authentic Education can provide many of its services through teleconference or videoconference formats. We can present workshops, review unit designs interactively, or conduct conversations on teaching and learning. Recent clients have included school teams, university education classes, and regional service centers.

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