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 Video Conferencing

Using start-of-the-art technology we can connect to one or dozens of sites in your district and provide a virtual presentation including PowerPoint presentations and periods of Q & A. This low cost option to a consultant onsite is the ideal follow-up to a professional development workshop and is especially effective when a series of web conferences are scheduled throughout the year.

Visit our webex page: authenticeducation.webex.com.

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What our clients say about web conferencing:

"Video conferences with Grant have opened a new world of opportunity for us at Chadwick as we struggle with using the principles of Understanding by Design® K-12 to design curriculum and to develop curriculum maps that reflect and reinforce those principles. We meet one Wednesday afternoon each month at a faculty home for a UbD™ Salon, which includes wine, cheese, and discussion about the struggles and triumphs we have encountered during the month. At the end of that meeting, we have a series of questions ready to ask Grant when we meet with him via video at 7:00 AM on the following Friday. I always leave the video conference feeling that I have had the benefit of Grant's full attention, wisdom, knowledge, and direct and immediate advice."

Pat Jones
Chadwick School
Academic Dean
English Teacher & Department Chair 7-12

"Video conferencing with Grant is a fabulous way to apply the UbD™ concepts to our school, our disciplines and our curriculum. Getting a chance to bounce ideas off Grant and check one's understanding is the final step in the process of reading the UbD™ book and attending workshops. In short, the video conferencing IS UbD™, the opportunity to demonstrate transference, from Grant to the faculty and, of course, ultimately to the students."

Dan Place
Chadwick School
Dean of Faculty
History Teacher & Department Chair 7-12

"Using video conferencing technology is a cost effective way of engaging Grant in the ongoing process of using UbD™ to develop curriculum. It is particularly helpful as a follow up to a large group presentation. A subsequent series of smaller discussions allow individual teachers to ask for critique and clarification of their design as it develops. One caveat, teachers need to put their egos aside and be willing to put their work on the table for public analysis; Grant does not pull any punches when he critiques your work! He is a master of exposing misconceptions, not only about the UbD™ process but also about one's own understanding of the subject."

John Nordquist
Chadwick School
Director of Technology

"I am the art teacher that keeps appearing on the other end of your cyberspace. I have gotten a great deal out of the video conferences. It is easy to get past the wires and monitors when the real discussions kick in. The immediacy of your responses, your thoughtful consideration of questions and your conversational style make it seem real and even intimate. There is obviously no rehearsal or reading rote notes on your end and I've noticed on our end that people are engaged and spontaneous. I am looking forward to the next conference."

Kim Kohler
Art Teacher K-6

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