The Curriculum Framer:
units by design

 Grant Wiggins

Grant Wiggins and his team at Authentic Education have taken all their work of the last decade and built the Curriculum Framer to make unit design, supervision, and improvement user-friendly and powerful.

The Curriculum Framer is a curriculum design system based in Understanding by Design®. Online and easy to navigate, the Framer provides design space, alignment tools, and professional development.

"The Framer is great: easy to use and able to help us keep track of and refine all our design work."
Maria Tukeva, Principal,
Bell Multicultural High School, Washington D.C.

With the Framer you can:

  • Design and align new units, based in Understanding by Design®
  • Bring coherence to the curriculum through overarching EQs and understandings
  • Work with colleagues to develop, teach, critique, and refine your curriculum
  • Import, add, and edit a consistent set of rubrics
  • Learn more about UbD™ though professional development modules when you need them

Curriculum Framer

Our software also provides reporting tools to help school and district leaders assess curriculum as it develops. The reporting features can help answer these questions:

  • Does this unit address and assess the standards adequately?
  • Which units explore their essential questions most effectively?
  • Are teachers using an appropriate variety of assessment types?
  • Do instructional approaches align with best teaching practice?

You can begin using Curriculum Framer right now using our online registration.

Framer Pricing Chart
  $89 per year
1-9: $89 per account, per year
10-24: $69 per account, per year
25-50: $59 per account, per year
51+: $49 per account, per year
  *For groups over 50, please contact us.

For more information, contact Denise Wilbur.

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