Ann Casebier

 Ann Casebier

Ann Casebier is an Authentic Education consultant currently assigned to the ToledoLearn project. Ann worked with students in kindergarten through sixth grade during her 34 years in the classroom, with a focus at the primary level for the majority of her teaching career. Ann also worked with student teachers and first year teachers as a mentor throughout her teaching career. Ann holds a B.S. (Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Elementary Education) from Brescia University, a M.A. (Learning Disabilities) from Western Kentucky University, and Rank I Endorsement (Principal's Certification and Supervisor of Instruction), from University of Kentucky.

For the past four years, Ann has served as a curriculum consultant at the district level and has worked in the past two years on writing math and ELA curriculum and Stage 1 UbD units with sample transfer tasks designed around the Common Core State Standards. She has developed materials to help familiarize teachers with the new math and ELA standards and currently participates in math and ELA leadership training networks with teachers and supervisors from different school districts.

Over the past year, Ann has helped implement new math curriculum at the district level and has communicated directly with elementary teachers to answer questions they have concerning the new Common Core State Math Standards and the new curriculum.

Ann strongly believes that when teachers are given the opportunity to come together in Professional Learning Communities to analyze student work and advance curricular planning using the tenets of Understanding by Design powerful, positive changes will take place in student understanding and achievement. She also feels that every student deserves creative, challenging, and engaging learning experiences and clear, specific feedback on their work to help prepare them as 21st Century thinkers, learners, and leaders.

Areas of expertise:

  • UbD™ unit writing
  • Curriculum development
  • Instructional strategies
  • Formative assessment strategies
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