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 Denise Wilbur

Denise Wilbur is the president of Authentic Education. She combines many years of teaching experience in social studies, English, and ESL at the middle school, high school, college, and adult education levels with experience in curriculum development, school administration, and academic support. She holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University and is completing her M.A. in history at Trinity College.

In addition to her school-based educational work, Denise has worked in international economic development, designing and directing projects to assist Third World artisan groups in refining and marketing their crafts. Most notably, she led the renewal of crafts cooperatives in Hungary, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

At Authentic Education, Denise specializes in helping educators teach through Essential Questions, develop learning through classroom dialogue, and use textbooks wisely and effectively. In the past year, Denise has also consulted at the state level in the revision of learning standards, written the core of a district-wide curriculum in three core subject areas, and created a set of videos on teaching for understanding. Denise is also the editor of Authentic Education's e-journal, Big Ideas.

Areas of expertise:
As a professional development workshop presenter, Denise specializes in:

  • designing and teaching through essential questions
  • performance assessment for transfer
  • learning through dialogue ("Beyond Socratic Seminar")

As a consultant and curriculum writer, Denise specializes in:

  • the framing of school and district curriculum through overarching essential questions and anchor units
  • bringing consistency to grading through common assessments, team grading, and the use of generic rubrics, and effective practices in teaching for understanding

Client Feedback about Denise

"You wanted some feedback regarding our three day training? It was one of the most valuable, timely trainings we have held in the district. Through our work with Grant (Wiggins) and Denise (Wilbur) our Student Achievement Coaches really got a good handle and start on the work we are trying to accomplish.

The training also took a large group of leaders into the direction that we are thinking about assessment and unit development. It helped the administrators set a clear focus for this summer and next year's work and answered a lot of questions we had about our direction and the intensity of our work. I appreciated the fact that Grant gave us undiluted opinions that really seemed to make a difference in the thinking of our teacher leaders (and us too).

Thanks (Carol) for your help with all the preparations - the arrangements made ahead of time helped everything run very smoothly. Hope to work with you again soon."

Felicia Roher
Instructional Supervisor
Jessamine SD, Kentucky

"Absolutely, unequivocally the best three days my team could have spent together! Essential training for any school/school system seriously interested in improving substandard teaching and learning practices. An objective pair of eyes for the Administrator; invaluable in establishing effective teams.

Our staff developer (from Authentic Education) Ms. Wilbur was absolutely top shelf! Her goal was clearly congruent with ours from the outset--she takes pride in her work, and believes in its ability to transform organizational thinking.

We look forward to Ms. Wilbur continuing as a member of our team. Thank you very much!"

Barb Kirkweg
The Bronx Aerospace Academy High School, NY

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