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 Julie DesOrmeaux

Julie DesOrmeaux has thirty years of experience as a mathematics teacher, coach, and staff developer at the secondary level. As a Teacher Trainer she has experience in preparing and conducting staff development activities, from faculty meetings to full-day sessions, and long-term in-service courses. As an Instructional Coach, she has spent time in K-12 classrooms, coaching teachers on assessment design and implementation, instructional strategies, and literacy in the content areas. In addition to presenting at several conferences, Julie has consulted both nationally and internationally with schools, districts, and national ministries of education, on matters related to mathematics instruction and assessment, standards-based curriculum design in all subject areas, using data and student work to inform instruction, peer review, and student-involved classroom assessment.

Julie has worked with K-12 educators in all subject areas, in the development of Understanding by Design® (UbD™) units. In one district, she assisted in the creation of a modified template to honor the tenets of UbD™ while meeting the district's needs in aligning with district goals as well as state standards. She has worked with many mathematics, science, English and world language teachers, helping to identify core concepts, key understandings, and Essential Questions for students, as well as to craft effective assessment packages. Most notably, Julie served as the mathematics team leader of the Mississippi Curriculum Design Project, directing a team of more than twenty teacher-designers fromaround the world to create a full mathematics curriculum for kindergarten through Advanced Algebra. Julie still looks for opportunities to work with students in classrooms and thinks that, after her family, teachers are her favorite people in the world.

Areas of expertise:

  • Understanding by Design®
  • Mathematics curriculum, instruction
  • Standards-based curriculum, assessment
  • Student-involved classroom assessment
  • Instructional strategies to build understanding and transfer
  • Protocols for professional collaboration

Client Feedback about Julie

"Julie was a phenomenal presenter who really knows how to capture the audience's attention and hold it until she has articulated all that she knows. Her vigor and excitement about mathematics and teaching in general was a great pairing with Hilde's calm and wise demeanor. She was a joy to work with..."

Sarah E. Sumners
Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant-CHAMPS II project manager
Mississippi University for Women

"Julie (DesOrmeaux)...built a rapport with the teachers resulting in a trust that will facilitate their transition to designing UbD™ lessons... She is flexible with her planning... I would recommend her to others and plan to bring her back to the district for additional training at a future date...I have already seen a difference in the classroom...I observed two of my teachers this past week. They both had wonderful essential questions and great assessments..."

Peggy Puder
Supervisor of Mathematics/Technology
Paramus School District
Paramus, New Jersey

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