Revia (Naltrexone) in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction

We live in a world where substance abuse and addiction in general is becoming more and more prevalent. Yet fewer and fewer people really understand what addiction is. In the past, people would understand the term to mean someone who was either a substance abuser or an alcoholic but in reality, the meaning is much broader.

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Addiction is defined as a strong dependence or habitual use of a substance or practice, despite the negative consequences of its use. Addiction is characterized by the repeated use of substances or behaviors. This can be anything that causes a person to be dependent on a substance like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or even food. There are also activities or practices to which an individual can become addicted to such as gambling, shopping, or even the internet.

Revia 50mg against alcoholism

Alcohol addiction is a rather common scenario, and it is also known as alcoholism. The problem with alcohol addicts is that they do not see it as a problem at all and feel it as a personal choice. However, people around the addict are the ones who really are aware of the problem at hand. Getting alcohol addiction treatment is a must; otherwise, it could lead to several major medical problems. Before an individual goes about treating the problem, he must analyze his condition and get a complete view of the situation. The addict must realize the negative impacts his alcohol dependency has had on his physical, emotional, and financial lifestyle. Quite often, as a result of alcoholism, men have problems with childbirth and testosterone, you can read more about this solution and Clomid here. He should also realize how it has impacted the lives of his loved ones. Once he is aware of these aspects, his willingness to get treated would likely increase even further. When the patient is ready for treatment, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment, including psychological assistance, detoxification, and opioid receptor antagonist drugs.

Naltrexone reduces the craving for alcohol

Revia is used to treat alcohol dependence in patients who are able to abstain from alcohol before starting treatment (patients should not actively drink alcohol at the beginning of treatment with Revia). Naltrexone is prescribed to prevent relapse of opioid dependence after opioid detoxification. Treatment with Revia should be part of an appropriate elimination program for alcohol dependence, including psychosocial support.

1. Naltrexone is approved by the FDA to treat alcoholism. 2. Naltrexone is safe and effective. 3. Naltrexone reduces the chance of relapse to excessive drinking. 4. Combining naltrexone with psychosocial support results in an 80% success rate in improving symptoms of alcoholism.

After some 20 years in research and development, the patient success rate is quite dramatic when compared with the older more traditional drug rehab programs. Combining naltrexone with psychosocial support results in over 80% of the patients being effectively treated.

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A short term outpatient treatment program with Revia

Due to the recent advances in the knowledge of the brain chemistry of this disease, doctors are now able to safely and effectively treat this devastating medical disease. They do this by therapeutically improving the patient's brain chemistry, which was perpetuating their alcoholic syndrome. This is analogous to treating depression with antidepressants. This new treatment program has been studied extensively & proven highly effective at the University of Munich & other Medical Centers throughout the world. Utilizing the first medication in over 50 years to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcoholism. Naltrexone reduces the chance of relapse to excessive drinking. The use of this medication combines with the bio-psycho-social treatment program developed at the University of Munich. This includes a thorough medical and psycho-social evaluation of each patient which then leads to a state-of-the-art diagnosis and individualized treatment plan.

This treatment program is unique in its ability to handle patients with co-existing emotional problems. Because this program is individualized, it can maintain strict patient confidentiality.

Addiction treatment with Revia in the hospital

Individuals who have reached the advanced stages of alcohol addiction would go through an inpatient program. In this program, the patient would stay at the center and would be under the constant watch of a professional. Most of the patients going for the inpatient program would have to first take the detox program. However, in some cases, detox therapy is not necessary.

There are several steps in an inpatient program, and it is imperative that the addict takes the program completely. Omitting a few steps or abandoning the program in the middle would nullify the effects of the previous steps. These programs are primarily designed to alter the lifestyle of the person and give the individual tips and suggestions on how he should be coping with these problems in the future.

Revia reviews from medical specialists

I believe alcoholism is a medical illness, not a character flaw. With this new and proven treatment method and its incomparably superior results, we as physicians now have a tremendous opportunity and medical responsibility to which we can finally effectively respond, while successfully impacting thousands of other lives simultaneously.

Patients no longer need to be stigmatized with the previous "Lifelong Sentence" of "Being an Alcoholic" (any more than you would now condemn a patient who has suffered an episode of depression as them having this "Lifelong Stigmata") - when in fact their brain chemistry has also been therapeutically improved with anti-depressants combined with specialized forms of Revia therapy. This is a significant paradigm shift from the traditional intangible, unscientific & pre-committed lifetime methodology of lay peer counseling which yields less than optimal results. Dr. Heiko Jessen, Berlin

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